Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Mountain and Jimmy Hanlin

You might have noticed that there was a small article about the Harvey Golf Team in the News-Herald on July 13. We were the invited guests of Jimmy Hanlin to Little Mountain for a small clinic.

First, a bit about our team. We struggle to be competitive, and actually had a good season last year, finishing 7-9. We are in a tough conference, and we are not thought of as a golf school. Our students typically play usually with hand-me down clubs or garage sale finds. We have an apparel deal with Nike and bag, hat, and ball deal with Titleist, where we are able to get their products at a substantial savings. Our students typically start to play in middle school. We did have a middle school program, but t was recently cut due to the funding issues in our district.

This leads us to yesterday. A friend of mine that I work with was able to put me in contact with Jimmy Hanlin. Jimmy is involved with Stonewater, Little Mountain, and Cumberland Trail. He also owns and operated the Jimmy Hanlin Golf Schools, as well as being on SportsTime Ohio. I was given his number and was told that he would love to work with our team. I called him and found that to be the case.

As we arrived at Little Mountain yesterday, their starters had everything ready. We took our clubs and went down to the range. Jimmy was finishing up the STO yearly golf tournament. After he was finished he came down and spend over an hour with our team, talking about the golf swing. He also talked about where and why golf can take you places, and how it can help you in real life situations. Our student-athletes ate it up, and he was really able to help some of them do some things that I could not do.

All in all, it was a great experience. Jimmy proved to be just the guy you see on TV, and even more. He is genuinely nice, and has a spot in his heart for junior golf. After all, they may be his next customers some day. I was thoroughly impressed with the time he took with our student-athletes and really made them feel at home at a place where none had every played before, and probably will not until they become adults. He also was able to do this after a full day of hosting a golf tournament for over 100 people. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for our team. David Glasier of the News-Herald was there as well, and he also made the event a success. Jimmy did a great job yesterday! It was an opportunity of a lifetime for our student-athletes, and they really appreciated it.

Thanks again Jimmy! And yes, he was wearing the white Disco-Ball pants from LoudMouth Golf! :)

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